B and Bee

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Flexible and great value sleeping concept for the leisure industry

Do you wish to install modern and comfortable sleeping accommodation on a permanent basis, without lots of investment and changes to infrastructure? Then we have the perfect deal for you. Not only that, the unique honeycomb shape also means you can start with just one or a small number of units, as more beds can be added quickly and easily later on.

The perfect formula for:

  • Those running a camp site, hotel, hostel, youth hostel, amusement park, …
  • Those owning a B&B with a garden, sports infrastructure, riding stables, …
  • Those organising (sports) camps, work placements, a team building, training, … over several days

Using the handy B-and-Bees it’s simple to offer or add sleeping accommodation. You can buy one or a number of sleeping units to give all your guests an innovative, comfortable and bee-rilliant sleeping experience. A B-and-Bee is actually even part of the fun! We bet you that some guests will come purely for this unique sleeping experience!

  • Limited investment per unit
  • Innovative and refreshing sleeping concept
  • Rapid and modular expansion of your sleeping capacity
  • Mobile, flexible usage, low infrastructure costs

Purchase your innovative B-and-Bee

Freestanding permant unit

This is a freestanding unit in a fixed formation. We can construct it on-site for you or deliver it ready-made to your required location. DIY fans can do it themselves using a flat packed kit and assembly video.

  • These units can remain in place on a permanent basis
  • They are often used on campsites
  • They offer spacious sleeping accommodation with a large bed that can be converted into a sofa
  • High quality finish

Connected permanent units

These are identical to the freestanding units, but stacked. A typical set-up consists of two units on the ground and a third on top in the middle. This can either be three sleeping units, or for example two areas for sleeping and a little kitchen and/or dining area. We call this a family-unit.

We currently ‘build’ the units up to two floors high. In principle you can just keep on adding units at ground level: 3-5-7-9-11-13-etc. You can do this in a straight line, or in an arch if you prefer. In this way accommodation can be arranged around a central area: for example around dining tables, BBQ, lawn, …). Whatever you fancy.