B and Bee

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Want to camp with a difference or let people sleep over?

We are not just there for the professionals. Individuals can also enjoy delightful nights with a difference in a B-and-Bee.

Are you a fan of camping… but had your fill of wet feet, damp sleeping bags or sheets, uncomfortable airbeds, lost or broken torches, …? At B-and-Bee you can rent an individual unit and just pop it on the back of your car.

For a short or longer period or a guest room?

There are lots of situations in which a B-and-Bee is your perfect solution. Take for example:

  • A short or long(er) camping trip
  • A party some distance away: with your B-and-Bee you no longer need to drive home, everyone can enjoy a drink, … For 30 euros per day you can take your very own comfortable mini hotel with you.
  • Inviting friends or family to stay? Bet you they’ll be delighted with a B-and-Bee!
  • Comfortable camping
  • Flexible to rent
  • All you need is a car with a tow-bar
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Cosy finish inside
  • Great value

Great value camping and accommodation in a B-and-Bee

These sleeping units are as big as those used on campsites. The only difference is that they are on wheels and can be connected to the tow-bar attached to your car. This means you have a cosy little hotel at hand wherever you go.

Lighting, electric sockets and a comfortable bed and sofa.

In the unit you’ll find a double bed measuring 140 x 190 cm that can be converted into a sofa in an instant. The unit also has its own lighting and electric sockets plus an electronic lock for your security.

Just bring your own sleeping bags or bed linen … and your innovative accommodation is ready!

What does it cost for individuals to rent a B-and-Bee?

Cosy camping in comfort does not need to be expensive. The rates are shown below, including VAT:

Day price € 30
Weekend from Friday 3pm to Monday 12pm € 70
Midweek from Monday 3pm to Friday 12pm € 80
Week from Friday 3pm to Friday 12pm € 150