B and Bee

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Baptising the mobile unit

17-23 august 2016

Aalst (BE) – Rust (DUI) – Spa (BE) +/- 1100 km

Baptising the mobile B-and-Bee en route to Rust (Germany) destined for: Europapark. With plenty of motorway to get there we have to say that we didn’t notice anything regarding the weight or stability of the unit. What we did notice was …….that we were noticed… and that there were plenty of startled looks on the roads and in petrol stations along the way…

Rush of adrenalin

After two adrenalin-filled days it was time to take things easier and so we booked a stay at @Camping Polleur in the Spa district.

It was a friendly campsite with lots going on and 90% of the visitors came from the Netherlands. This was a real bonus for our 3 teenage daughters who had no difficulty making contact with such ‘locals’. Needless to say temperatures of up to 32 degrees also added to the holiday spirit.

Carry-all caravan

In this case the unit was home to our two 16-year old daughters. Luckily there’s plenty of storage space under the bed, or how else would we ever have tidied away all those dresses, tops, shorts skirts, things and beauty products … ?

vuurdoop mobiele unit 1
vuurdoop mobiele unit 2
vuurdoop mobiele unit 3
vuurdoop mobiele unit 5
vuurdoop mobiele unit 6